How to choose a sofa?

2021-12-11 11:24

Sofa is an important part of living room decoration. It is not enough to say that sofa is a big living room. When you choose a sofa, you must remember that every penny is worth every penny. Many people will buy some cheap sofas and think they have made a lot of money. In fact, it is not. Not only does the sofa feel uncomfortable and have a heavy smell, but also the quality is not very good.

In addition, the selection of sofa also needs to look at the hard and soft level of sofa. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to select too soft sofa. In that case, the human body will be unbalanced and the support point will be unstable, which is not good for the human body. It is very easy to lead to the problem of lumbar disc herniation. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose too soft sofa, And you need to pay attention to the fabric of the sofa. You should choose something safe and comfortable.

Also, no matter what interior decoration style, the net width specification of sofa must be according to this specification, otherwise it will be wrong to buy!

For example, when you sit on the sofa, the length from the part behind you to both sides of your knee joint immediately affects the net width of the sofa you need to buy. The net width must be a little more than this specification. If it is too small, you can't sit in. If it's too spacious, you'll immediately look up and buy the sofa for nothing.

There are many sofas in European and American countries on the sales market, with a very large net width. Because Westerners are tall, there is a large distance between their knees and their back. Therefore, we don't have to blindly follow the trend to buy sofas from European and American countries. We must comply with the human body engineering of the Chinese people. Modern light luxury sofas are very good.

For example, from both sides of my knee joint to the back is 55cm, and the overall dimension of my sofa is 60cm, which is very suitable. In fact, no matter how good 5cm is, because the back can be placed in the back, but if the net width is larger, it is not easy to use.

A good sofa structure must be effective, and the strength of the material is also effective. In that way, the service life of the application will be born. Even if the high-quality sofa shakes hard, it is as strong as Mount Tai, which is also related to the structure of the sofa!