Difference and maintenance between indoor leisure chair and outdoor leisure chair

2021-12-11 11:24

Leisure chair provides great comfort and trendy life for your clothing, food, housing and transportation. The simple and light wireframe makes full use of the meaning of human nature. Quiet and far away, quiet and fragrant, warm and continuous, enjoying the fashion trend, such as an prose poem. In my spare time, there will always be more meaning

Leisure chair is one of the key elements of everyone's leisure and entertainment daily life. At present, the leisure chair can be divided into indoor leisure chair and outdoor leisure chair. So how should the leisure chair be maintained? For outdoor design style leisure chairs, the first step is not to casually destroy or dirty the tables and chairs, which is everyone's responsibility. In addition, to maintain the daily cleaning of the chairs around the chairs, the staff responsible for environmental sanitation shall carry out disinfection, sterilization and cleaning of the chairs on time. The beauty of big cities depends on everyone. We hope everyone can start from the small things around us to make big cities more beautiful and moving. The differences between outdoor leisure chairs and indoor leisure chairs are as follows:

I effect

1. Indoor leisure chair: it has a variety of functions and can be placed at home and other rooms. It can be used for single or multiple people. Some leisure chairs also have the function of leisure lounge chairs.

2. Outdoor leisure chair: single function, the key is placed beside the road residential quarters. Outdoor sites such as ecological parks are used by many people to reduce temperature and rest outdoors.

II Beautiful and generous

1. Indoor leisure chair: the visual impact is harmonious with the natural environment, the modeling design is beautiful and generous, and the artistic creativity is excellent.

2. Outdoor leisure chair: the key to visual impact is harmony with the outdoor natural environment. The key application is natural stones such as granite and wood. The modeling design is creative, good-looking and amiable. There is no need to be especially extravagant.

III Easy to use

1. Indoor leisure chair: it is comfortable to sit up. Sitting or lying down can release pressure all over the body.

2. Outdoor park chair: fire safety Guard against theft Anti corrosion, can achieve more people rest, do not harm each other.